Mobile Home Face Masks

The Happy Camper Face Mask by BlackDogApparelCo on Etsy

It seems like face masks are going to continue to be part of our wardrobes for awhile. I'm sure that you have all struggled with those disposable masks, and are as frustrated as I am about how they are filling up landfills and people are just throwing them on the ground after they are done with them.  

We are proud of our manufactured home lifestyle, and love letting people know that factory-built homes are beautiful, well-designed homes. We did some digging and found some wonderful masks that help us share our love of vintage trailers while keeping us and those around us safe.

Etsy is always a great resource of products mostly made or sold by small business owners and craftspeople like ourselves, so that is always the first place that we look.

Retro Trailer mask handmade from ZayasChicHouse

has this mask with retro trailers on it, and we like how it has a nose wire, filter pocket, and is handmade in the US. It is also a different style that doesn't fit as closely to your nose - a style we personally prefer.

Retro mobile home mask by ThreadyBearCreations

Pleated masks are another favorite style, and this retro-looking mask by ThreadyBearCreations is one of these with lots of mobile home style on it.

What's your style? We would love to hear from you about if you are interested in buying more mobile home themed products. Our blog now contains affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission on any purchases that you may make at no cost to you. This is a way for us to be able to share more valuable content and ideas with you while keeping our costs down.

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